Diablo 3 private server

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For gamers pondering the availability of a Diablo 3 private server, that question is a bit premature. The highly anticipated online game from Blizzard Entertainment will not be released until sometime in early 2012. This is unwanted news for the Diablo fans who were expecting a 2011 release.

It has been more than a decade since the release of Diablo 2; a game that only saw one expansion pack. The popular game, which still has a large player base, has inspired many copycats. Beta for Diablo 3 has begun, and has been extended, with all five classes being playable during beta.

The Diablo games allow two to eight players to jump into games in randomly generated dungeons, unraveling a storyline, and challenging monsters. Diablo 3 is designed primarily for cooperative multiplayer. There is competitive player-vs-player game play and some focus will be on team-based PvP in an arena setting.

Diablo 3 private server

Diablo 3 private server

Some may be wondering about Diablo 3 private servers. As the game is available online via Battle Net and will be free to play, with purchase of game, a Diablo 3 private server may not be necessary. For those not purchasing the game or getting bootleg copies, a private server may be necessary.

Despite Blizzard Entertainment’s heavy-handed lawyers trying to put a stop to private servers, they keep popping up. For games like WoW that charge a monthly fee, this isn’t surprising. But for a game that requires no monthly fee, why are there a multitude of private servers?

The most common reasons are because it allows one to exploit the game as a Game Master, create their own cast of characters or because they’d rather play in a peer-controlled world rather than that of the game developers.

The use of private servers may seem harmless but it is a violation of copyright laws and end-user terms. Creating a private server violates rules that are there to protect a creator’s, in this case Blizzard’s, intellectual property. Many take the risk of using a private server by assuming legal action will be taken against the hosts not the subscribers. But when using a private server, IPs are exposed, as well as payment information. There are cases of companies going after the end users, not just hosts.

For those wanting a Diablo 3 private server, I’m sure there will be plenty to choose from. It us up to the gamer to weigh the risks.