Diablo 3 maphack and map reveal

A Diablo 3 maphack will soon define D3 like Player versus Player mode in D2 is one of the features that defined the name of “Diablo”. Players building up their own characters, leveling and upgrading weapons to later go in the battlefield filled with mad players hoping to steal the spotlight away from each other. That just sounds fun, isn’t it? And because it is fun and exciting, people will tend to find ways to reach the top in a snap of a finger. And everyone knows what kind of “ways” that will be. Yes, maphacks, the epitome of cheapness.

Diablo 3 map hacks are some kind of program that when downloaded and executed, provides the player with capabilities to edit his / her character according to his / her personal preference. Yes, personal preference. If the player wants to make the character own some imbalanced items, that can be made possible. If the player wants to make the character’s stats reach imbalanced levels then that can be made possible as well. The point is, owning a maphack of some kind in Diablo 3 will make the player beat the game the easy way.

There are Diablo 3 hacks as well that differ a bit from the usual “Buff your character” type of map hacks. There are hacks that are used to clear the world map’s fog of war and reveal the way towards the destination without a hassle. This will be very useful for players because Diablo III, as expected, will house very strong monsters and having the need to travel around a map and look for the destination will make the player encounter packs of these monsters, bringing chaos to the player.

Having the Diablo 3 maphack called “Map Reveal” won’t be enough because adventure games such as Diablo requires the player to beat up packs of monsters to “level-up”. If the player just uses the map reveal hack and head towards destination, ignoring monsters in the way, the player won’t level-up. This is where the “Buff your character” type of map hack shines. So with that being said, the two maphacks are tandems in making the game a piece-of-cake to finish.

One of the famous maphacks back in Diablo II is the Diablo Item Editor. This maphack enables a player to edit the statistics of items and adjust it according to his / her preference. For example, a short sword provides a +20 in damage output. Through the Item Editor, the player can make that +20 a +1000 in damage output. That is so cheap, isn’t it? And if Diablo 2 has it, it follows that Diablo 3 will also have it soon after the full release of the game. Maphack programmers are just waiting out there for the full release to release their own creation.

With all that being said, it won’t be a surprise if a Diablo 3 maphack download will be released in public soon after the complete release of the game. Maphacks are just the thing for those who want to wrap things up the easy way or merely for those who want to stand on top of the world without lifting a hand or two. A Diablo 3 maphack will soon reign as one of the top downloads after the game’s release.