Diablo 3 witch doctor builds

As the name suggest, the Diablo 3 Witch Doctor builds are some pure spellcasters. These characters are dealing with alchemy, necromancy, nature and elemental magic. This character class has borrowed some elements from the Necromancers of the Diablo 1 and 2. Therefore, they have the ability to talk to pets and cast different spells. However, the Witch Doctors are a lot different from the Necromancers, being much more active than any other previous classes.

What you Should Know about the Witch Doctor

The truth is that the Witch Doctor cannot become successful through some simple spells. He must complete different tasks that require the use of various tactics, which rarely imply physical attacks. The Witch Doctor usually possesses a high number of spells which give him the ability to control various elemental attacks.

The game presents this character as being an old and fanatical person. His spells are usually very strange, belonging to the dark side of the magical world. Even more, the Witch Doctor is capable to control zombies, which assist him to rip apart different enemies. And due to the rich, voodoo vibe of his entity, the Witch Doctor is able to take different real objects and instill them with various magical elements.

The Diablo 3 Witch Doctor build is very angry, living a barren life without any joy. Therefore, they are using their magical powers to destroy the lives of others. For this, the characters bring different active and passive skills into the game, including Voodoo, Spirit and Zombie.

Witch Doctor’s Appearances

As you can imagine, the Witch Doctor can come as a male or female. However, as the most important things that relate to this character are the magical powers, the looks of the Witch Doctor represent an almost irrelevant fact. Moreover, the character will always have a mask, also known as helmet, on his or her head. As most players expect, the masks of the Witch Doctor are more obscuring and scary than the gears of any other characters that appear in the game.

The very first version of this character was represented by a wild man who used to live in a swamp. But, the game developers have added more and more elements, which turned this character into a real monster, with a truly “sick” side. This character has its roots in the Diablo 1 and 2, presenting some incredible mixtures of mind control curses, magical attacks and summonings. However, the Diablo 3 Witch Doctor builds are not viewed as replacements for the Necromancers but as some separate, autonomous characters.