Diablo 3 bot guide, free download bots

The Diablo 3 bot may be thought of as an aspect of the “darker side” of the action-RPG series.  Considered superb multitasking tools, bots are third-party programs that allow players to automate the activities of their characters in the game. They are perhaps best noted for their uses on MMORPGs or any games that consist of repetitive actions.

The problem is that these applications are normally considered illegal by gaming manufacturers and service providers such as Blizzard Entertainment.  Game characters are set to perform repetitive tasks ad nauseum while their owners attend to other activities; this provides an understandably unfair advantage over fellow players who prefer to earn their character levels and items through hard work.

So far, Diablo 2 has provided manual players with the means to report suspected automata. The powers-that-be examine the report, and if everything checks out, then a ban is then enforced. Despite the system, it’s not surprising to see messages spammed ingame and characters grinding levels to kingdom come.

People attribute this phenomenon to human nature – specifically, the desire to take the path of least resistance. People play to relax and unwind, and if the game starts to feel like a chore, they may opt for the easy way out, regardless of what the rules say. The fact that many of these programs are available as a free download makes matters even trickier.

Thus, gamers have literally and figuratively gotten creative with this principle. Besides the possibility of the Diablo 3 bot mentioned above, other means of altering one’s gaming experience also exist. For instance, Diablo 2 has seen the good and bad effects of mods on maps.

More popularly referred to as the maphack, this tool allows players to change unfavorable details on their map of choice. This is a double-edged sword at best. Some players find that it enhances their gaming experience by removing frustrating gameplay elements on otherwise annoying maps. Others think that this opens the door to a lot of abuse, so they avoid it like the plague.

In all fairness, not all players tread the path of the third party application. Some players who have had difficulty with the series have consulted a game guide. Designing the “right’ builds for different character classes has been a staple of the Diablo series, and game guides save players from a lot of needless headaches down the road. Instead of starting their characters over, they can simply learn from those who have made the mistakes they have yet to make.

A software engineer once quipped that there are two ways to get rid of illegal applications: one, make it impossible for players to access or use them; two, make it unprofitable for them to do so.

With the ease of search engines and the nature of the human condition, it’s very, very difficult – if not impossible – for gaming publishers to rid the game of every last third-party application or cheat program. The remaining option for them is to think up systems that reduce or eliminate the perceived benefits of botting and maphacking.

Until Blizzard Entertainment finds ways to do the latter, it’s likely that we will see the emergence of the Diablo 3 bot after the game is released. In the meantime, a vigilant community of Diablo series fans will probably be the best deterrent against unscrupulous player behavior.