Diablo 3 mercenaries

Mercenaries were introduced in Diablo 2 to fulfill the need for warrior followers. Their purpose is to blindly follow the main character into battle. They could do a little bit of damage, but other than paying them and giving each on a weapon that he would hardly use, the D2 Mercenaries weren’t of much use. However, Diablo 3 Mercenaries break that mold. Blizzard has sent out a trailer that promises mercenaries with more value than set dressing.

Diablo 3 Mercenary

The Diablo 3 mercenary will play in intricate part to the story line. The Diablo 3 mercenaries will each have a name, along with his/her own story. As you go through the journey, you meet 3 travelers: the Templar, the Scoundrel, and the Enchantress. The individual skills and abilities of each of these characters will help your character. The Templar will be able to do battle against the invading hordes, while the Enchantress can do magical illusions that will confuse enemies out to get you.

You’ll only be able to travel with one mercenary at a time, so your strategy will require careful thought as you continue your journey. You can outfit your mercenary to fit your class, too. You’ll choose their weapons and skills, as well as any other items they carry with them. Of course, this is sort of like some other games that will remain unnamed, in which you can teach your pet to do spells. But, Diablo 3 mercenaries are much more complicated. You’ll have a choice of 4 out of 12 spells with which to equip your mercenary.

While Blizzard says that the mercenaries aren’t a big part of the game, this really just applies to multiplayer games, where someone has your back. In single-player mode, the followers will help out.

Diablo 3 Mercenary Guide

There are some Diablo 3 Mercenary Guides on the internet. The most detailed one, however, is nearly 2 years old. It’s on DIABLO®incgamers.com. In summary of some of the information on this guide, you’ll find that most of the modifications to the game will work on mercenaries except “Prevent Monster Heal”.

While necessity breeds success, you’ll still find that the mercs you hire when in the midst of ordinary trouble will end up with better stats in the end. Next in line are those hired in Nightmare, and at the bottom when it comes to final scores, are those hired in Hell. You’ll find that the only thing that affects their final stats is the difficulty level in which you hire them. The only exception—and of course, there must be exceptions—is in Nightmare Act 2. You can’t hire those mercs in any other level.