Diablo 3 monk builds

The Diablo 3 Monk builds are some truly interesting characters. Although the Monk builds do not have the Barbarians’ force, they are some really great fighters, with an incredible speed, combo features, tactics and aura bonuses. A magnificent detail about these characters is the fact that they present an interesting mixture of styles, which blend the European medieval with martial arts and Shao Lin characteristics. Additionally, the players should know that the Monks are the characters of the fourth class that is revealed by the Diablo 3.

Background and Skills

Similar to other creatures that appear in this wonderful game, the Monk characters look like they are coming from another world. But the truth is that the creators of this game sustain that the Monks actually have their origins in the Foothills, at the Monasteries of Ivgorod. These characters are introduced into the Monasteries at a very young age. Over there, they are taught the ancient knowledge, which prepare them to deal with everything on this earth. Similar to many ancient people, the Monks believe in different gods, the power of the meditation and martial arts.

Furthermore, the Diablo 3 Monk build have an inclination towards creativity and soul structure. All these things are highlighted by the symbols that exist on their bodies, symbols which are meant to help them in their life experiences. All the monks serve the Elder Monks, characters that live in the monastery. The Elder Monks actually live to destroy the evil, regardless of its forms.

The Monks really think that they are the weapons that gods use to fight against evil. They are actually some good, patient and peaceful persons and unlike the Barbarians, they do not hate everyone. They are adepts in Martial Arts, which give them the power to defeat any foes. The Monks come with different active and passive skills, which include auras, combos and spirit skills that come along with defensive bonuses and other various benefits.

The Class Characteristics

The Monk class is characterized especially by a mix of eradication of evil and spiritual Buddhism. Mainly constructed as some opposite characters to the Barbarians, the Monks are not very strong but not very weak either. Therefore, they represent some great alternatives for those players who love the medium difficulty level. Similar to the Barbarians, the Diablo 3 Monk builds come as males and females, giving every player the chance to choose his or her favorite character, which allows anyone to really enjoy the art concept of this game.