Diablo 3 wizard guide

In this Diablo 3 Wizard Guide, you’ll discover the skills and tools of the Wizard in Diablo 3. The Wizard can be either male or female, and uses both elemental and arcane magic in offense. The Wizard is modeled after the Sorcerer of Diablo 2.

Each level of the Wizard, you’ll find a new set of skills. Across the 29 levels, you’ll find this Diablo 3 Wizard Guide will list Frost Nova, Magic Missile, Ice Armor, Charged Bolt, Wave of Force, Spectral Blade, Electrocute, Magic Weapon, Arcane Orb, Diamond Skin, Energy Twister, Disintegrate, Storm Armor, Explosive Blast, Mirror Image, Slow Time, Teleport, Hydra, Ray of Frost, Energy Armor, Arcane Torrent, Meteor, Blizzard, Familiar, and Archon. Here are details on some of the skills listed in this Diablo 3 Wizard Guide.

Frost Nova Level
o Level 1
o Defensive
o Freezes enemies around the player in an ice explosion, causing cold damage. The damage will slow them down and create a chill effect.

Magic Missile
o Level 1
o Offensive
o Projectiles that are conjured by the Wizard.
o Damage is arcane.

Ice Armor
o Level 2
o Defensive
o Wall of ice that increases the Wizard’s armor and freezes attackers, causing cold damage.

Charged Bolt
o Level 3
o Originally called Shock Pulse

Wave of Force
o Level 4
o Defensive
o Repels enemies and their projectiles. Combine it with Slow Time for maximum effect.

Spectral Blade
o Level 5
o A Melee weapon that delivers extreme damage with each strike.

o Level 6
o Offensive
o A bolt of lightning that locks onto the target and drains its energy.
o It also stuns and slows down the target. Mostly used for mobile targets that might evade projectiles.
o Comes from the Wizard’s fingers.

Magic Weapons
o Level 7
o Offensive
o Makes the Wizard’s weapons tremendously more damaging.

Arcane Orb
o Level 8
o A slow moving projectile, the Arcane Orb, when it does make impact, deals destructive blast of pure energy, destroying enemies in the entire area.

Diamond Skin
o Level 9
o Defensive
o For a short period of time, Diamond Skin absorbs points from damage of all kinds.
o The wizard’s skin turns to diamond, them absorbs all of the energy from attacks being levied against the wizard.

Energy Twister
o Level 11
o Offensive
o The wizard can cast tornadoes that destroy everything they come into contact with.

o Level 12
o Offensive
o This is a laser beam for long distance attack. It yields extreme damage to everything n the way.

The Diablo 3 Wizard Guides indicate that there are no longer Traits in the game. They have been replaced by Passive Skills. Passive Skills include Blur, Drain Power, Quickening, Flight Before Fight, Glass Cannon, Aggression, Superior Skill, Expert Defense, Astral Presence, Black Ice, Temporal Flux, Piercing Attacks, Temporal Shift, Unstable Energy, and Knowledge is Power.

As time passes in the game, the skills change. Diablo 3 Wizard guides are abundant on the internet, for further information.