Diablo 3 witch doctor guide

This Diablo 3 Witch Doctor guide will provide you with a general overview of the skills that accompany the Witch Doctor class of the game, along with a Diablo 3 strategy guide.

The Witch Doctor class in the game about to be released has 5 skills: firebomb, horrify, locust swarm, mass confusion, and soul harvest.

With the Firebomb, the Witch Doctor can lob a firebomb at his target. The firebomb explodes on contact and sets everything in the vicinity on fire. Small fires dot the ground around the attack site, but it is unclear at this time whether or not these can cause harm to your enemies.

The Witch Doctor can summon a Horrifying Image, called an avatar, that hovers over his head. This illusion terrifies his enemies, making them run away from the Witch Doctor. While the horrifying effect is brief, it lasts long enough for the Witch Doctor to cast spells get away from his enemies. Horrify first appears in Tier 3.

For another attack/retreat strategy, the Witch Doctor can use the Locust Swarm. The Locust Swarm will cover multiple enemies simultaneously and jump from one enemy to another, but has a short range. Locust Swarm is first available in Tier 3.

Another short range, mass effect is the Mass Confusion. The Witch Doctor can affect enemies within a small radius to become so confused that they forget all about him, and attack each other. Mass Confusion becomes available in Tier 6.

The Witch Doctor has the ability to drain all energy from his surrounding enemies. This power is called Soul Harvest, and will work on up to 5 enemies at a time. The Witch Doctor absorbs their souls, which may fill his health. Soul Harvest makes its first appearance in Level 2 Witch Doctor.

Keep in mind, this Diablo 3 strategy guide for Witch Doctor class is not a complete listing of skills. In the tier 1 skills, the Witch Doctor has the skills to Summon Zombie Dog, Haunt, and summon Spirit Vessel, Skull of Flame, or implement Jungle Fortitude and Mind and Body.

Diablo 3 crafting guides indicate that the Witch Doctor is, indeed, borrowed from the Fetish Shaman of WOW. The Witch Doctor can be male or female. Both male and female Witch Doctors are based on Voodoo doctors of Haiti. In D3, the Witch Doctor is based on a combination of the Necromancer, Druid, and Sorceress of D2. It appears that all of the Witch Doctor headwear will resemble Voodoo masks. In the Diablo 3 crafting guides, both male and female Witch Doctors have a purple color scheme.

The Witch Doctors have tremendous spiritual powers in gameplay, and execute great manipulative powers against their enemies. They can summon the undead from the Netherworld to serve their purposes. They will enter a Ghost Trance in order to interact with their gods in the Unformed Land, and make sacrifices accordingly, in public ceremonies. Download Diablo 3 witch doctor guide to master this great character class.