Diablo 3 trade system

Blizzard intends to put a much higher significance on Diablo 3 trade since item trading is one of the important components of Diablo II. This enables players to swap numerous goods securely by putting them into a screen that resembles the inventory before they confirm the trade. While players can presently see the sell value as well as the damage-per-second (DPS) of each item, players can be more informed before making decisions about trading as well.

However, it is still uncertain how the trading system will differ from D2, or if Diablo 3 will add in some features like auction houses to make easier trading possible.

There are no confirmations yet about the improvements in Diablo 3 trade values. However, the team mentioned that they did not like the trading interface of D2. Therefore, they are looking forward to doing some work on it.

According to them, dumping everything in a trade pane was terrible. But then again, if players want to look at the items of other players, then there has to be some way in doing it correctly.  Jay Wilson contributed quite more of the team’s viewpoint on trading in a press-con from Blizzcon 2009.

He said that entering into Diablo 3 trade forum and chat channels and spamming them is not the way it should go. He also said that making trade games, which get lost in this never-ending list of other games, is not going to work as well.

For that reason, they have to come up with a new Diablo 3 trade system, like an auction house, that could serve as a means to trade goods over Battle.Net more conveniently. They cannot define exactly what is it going to be. However, it’s definitely not just something that is going to be determined until they do some serious work with Battle.Net.

They consider D3 as a game about trade. The most outstanding equipment are obtained in Diablo while those in World of Warcraft are obtained via raid. With that fact given, it actually motivates them to come up with a totally unique Diablo 3 store.

Whenever a player slays a certain monster, there is a possibility that a monster will drop rare and unique equipment. However, you can only see and pick up some of these objects, while others can see and take their own. With this kind of looting system, ninja looting will no longer be a big problem, especially for players who don’t like to be bullied after they have just killed a freakishly demon or beast during their quest.

In Diablo 3, every dropped equipment is considered yours. This keeps other players from taking precious drops after the death of a certain mighty opponent, especially level lords and bosses. However, a number of high quality drops will remain unusable for players unless they use the Diablo 3 trade to exchange that objects with other players. For instance, you are using a barbarian class, but you’ve picked up a wizard-only weapon. If this is the case, one of your options is to sell it for a reasonable amount of gold. However, if some players own a character that meets the requirement of that equipment, it is also ideal to give it to them in exchange for a reasonable amount of gold or something else that you don’t usually find in a Diablo 3 shop.