Diablo 3 expansion download and cd key

Diablo 3 offers a lot of new, fresh and innovative storylines and gaming ideas. In terms of its continuing story, it never fails to impress its players with different scenarios and side quests. Now, the main question is: Will there be a Diablo 3 Expansion?

Well, the question is still not answered. Like Diablo 2, whose expansion set was released nearly after one year since the release of the game itself, had such a major breakthrough as far as the storyline of Diablo II went on. As far as the game is concerned, people are already offering the game, all together with the expansion download, at times with the expansion cd key included, in the form of different downloading platforms such as torrents, or even part files as a direct download method. What’s good about this is that the game is easier to have cheats, in terms of items, with the use of item editors or character editor software.

As of now, there is no definite answer as to the question of having a Diablo 3 expansion set. ­­­The answer is that maybe after one or two after the release of Diablo 3 comes and the game hits the market well, there may be a possibility to offer the gaming public an expansion set could be determined.

As for Diablo 3 updates, more systems are being integrated and one already was announced, which is none other than the “followers” system. Unlike in Diablo II, players are able to hire mercenaries to aid and follow the player until they die of continuous attacks from monsters. In this new system, it much resembles the mercenary system, but this time gives more freedom to player in terms of customization and power. According to the news, there are three classes, the Templar, Enchantress and Scoundrel respectively. Aside from these, these classes have their own fighting style and skill sets, much a character in the game.

Aside from the recently introduced system of “crafting”, where players are able to customize and make their own weapons if they have their own artisan, and also customize what kind of attack power is the said weapon better off attributed to, upon the decision of the player. It also incorporates the challenge of finding different materials to make a certain weapon. The “followers” system introduces the ability of having an acquaintance in the game as the player goes along. As players have seen this in Diablo II, the new system gives more freedom and customization for players to dress up their game.

But overall, the concept of having a Diablo 3 expansion is not out of the question. Having an expansion set has an impact not only in terms of storyline, but also impacts the company by gathering more revenue and sales. With the success of the Diablo II sequel, it is not a doubt that Diablo 3 will have a better and higher praise from gaming critics, but also have an impact for the company, who started this game more than ten years ago and was able to keep the name up until the new millennium. Now that the news of Diablo 3 being released, it gives more light to the never-ending story in the battle between good and evil, and also the mystery of the high heavens and the burning hells.