Diablo 3 set items

Diablo 3 set items are similar to set items in Diablo 2, though they vary in some ways. Set items are legendary items that when worn with other items from the same set provide additional bonuses to your character. The items in each set share similar names, lore and aesthetics.

The majority of Diablo 3 set items will only be available in the end-game. However, a few set items will be available earlier through crafting. These craftable set items will be available once you find the proper recipe list, with a single recipe list enabling you to craft every item in a set one at a time. Once you reach the end-game, max level set items will drop from mobs in the same manner as other items.

Set items in Diablo 3 will provide stat bonuses even when only a few pieces of the set are worn together, similar to the World of Warcraft tier sets. This will make them more convenient and powerful throughout the game, as well as allow them to be a good option in the late game, which was often not the case in Diablo 2 classic.

The most significant change for set items is that slots in a particular set will have a progression of items that are capable of filling them. For example, it will be possible to replace low level set piece gloves with higher level gloves that still provide the set bonus. This will allow a more natural gear progression and avoid having sets become useless to quickly as you progress through the game.

Another change is how set items are classified. In D2 set items were their own class of item, but in Diablo 3 they will simply be legendary items that happen to include set bonuses. The term “legendary item” has replaced the Diablo 2 term of “unique item” as the most powerful class of item in the game, so Diablo 3 set items will be among the most powerful in the game at any given level.