Diablo 3 leveling guide

This Diablo 3 Leveling Guide will explain its purpose, as D3 will not allow 3rd party mods. The Diablo 3 Leveling Guide is intended to allow you to inspect each of the items a player is equipped with so that you won’t need a mod. This way, you can see what gear other character have, and avoid banning of your account. The new game Diablo 3 is online only and no mods will be allowed.

You can use the D3 leveling guide to inspect armories, too. You’ll also be able to use the Alt key as you did in Diablo 2. This alt key function shows you what was dropped, and everything laying around that you may pick up. You will be able to customize the function of the alt key with D3. Each time you hit the alt key, it will show items for 10 seconds. The no pickup option of D2 has been dropped, but Blizzard expects to bring it back, as it is such a popular item.

Players will still click on items to pick them up, rather than relying on auto pick up.

Diablo 3 Character Guide

In this Diablo 3 character guide, there are 5 character classes: the Witch Doctor, Wizard, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, and Monk.

Diablo 3 Quest Guide

Diablo 3 quest guides indicate that the quests in the new game will be much more difficult than in its predecessor, D2. However, the payoff for these quests should be equally rewarding. You’ll be able to get quest walkthroughs to help, but they’ll be only moderately helpful in comparison to a Diablo 3 quest guide. It is speculated that players will hit the forums in droves, with temper tantrums about the difficulty of the levels, so the quest guides will begin to proliferate after the release of the game. Until then, Blizzard is keeping mum on tips and levels to be conquered.

One new feature of Diablo 3 is that there will be side missions to be executed on each level. Each of these quests will be rewarded according to the specific class. This, however, will not supplant the main story, because as a multi-player game, you won’t want to leave your group. You will be on a mission on which only you will benefit, and not your group.

You’ll also have a Quest Pane. This tracks both main quests and secondary quests for each level. This is the Q key, and remains hidden if you’re not using them. You’ll be able to click the icon for the quest to get information about the quest and the goal you are attempting. So check out new Diablo 3 leveling guide to get best rewards possible.